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DDLConnect 3.0.0

DDLConnect 3.0.0

DDLConnect Publisher's Description

DDLConnect - allows the DotNet (.net) or AppForge programmer to control dial-up (RAS) connections and other hidden functions.

The DDLConnect component can be called from DotNet (.net) Compact Framework applications or AppForge MobileVB/Crossfire (using Fuser technology). 

Demo source code projects are included for vanilla Visual Studio 2005, AppForge Crossfire 6.0.1 and AppForge MobileVB 6.0.1 environments.

The component is compatible with all ARM based PocketPC platforms,  PPC2002+ and Windows Mobile.

The latest version is 3.0.0. 

A commercial licence allows you to distribute the component with your all your applications.  But please don't distribute elsewhere.

RAS Functions:
EnumDevsGets a list of RAS capable devices EnumEntries
Gets a list of RAS phonebook entries
EnumConnectionsGets any currently connected RAS connection HangUp
Hangs up a specified RAS connectionGetStatusGets the status code of a specified RAS connection
Gets the status message for a status code
DialUpASyncDials a specified RAS connection and returns immediately
DialUpDials a specified RAS connection and waits for connection
ErrorMessageGet the error message for an error code
Deletes a specified RAS phonebook entry
Creates a RAS phonebook entry
Connection Manager: 
EnumConnMgrDests Gets a list of connection manager destinations (My Work Network etc.) ConnMgrConnect
Connects to a specified connection manager destination
ConnMgrReleaseDisconnects a specified connection manager connection (some are cached)
Misc Functions: 
IsActiveSyncConnectedTests for any valid ActiveSync supplied connection.  Now Windows Mobile 5 compatible. SetDateTime
Sets the device date and time
Waits for a specified time in milliseconds
GetWifiSignalStrengthGets the name, signal strength and quality from the first wireless network adapter found
AddNotif Creates a system notification bubble with the text and title specified
Updates a specified notification
Removes a specified notification
Registry (AppForge only):
RegQueryQuery a specified registry entry RegUpdate
Updates a specified registry entry
Deletes a specified registry entry
Phone - Only tested on HTC Himalya (COM2) and Mio A701 (COM7): 
GetCSQ Gets the signal strength from the built in phone.
Gets the cell id from the built in phone. 
Information for users of previous versions of DDLConnect

This version is an amalgamation of DDLConnect and DDLConnect-AF.  The AppForge fuser DLL functions are all now prefixed with AF.   Other than that they are virtually the same.  Examine the demo program for more details.  The IsActiveSyncConnected function now works on PPC and WM5 use this instead of EnumConnections looking for `USB as this doesn't work on WM5.


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